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Welcome to my practice website where I hope you can begin to find the information you need to make a decision about whether I would be a good fit for you as a therapist.

My approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic which focuses on the psychological factors underlying the difficulties we might experience such as problems in relationships or certain symptoms such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, obsessiveness and so forth. I also focus on the importance of the therapeutic relationship and treat both what is conscious and what is unconscious as important in understanding and addressing your concerns. I believe that a trusting relationship is the foundation of therapeutic work that aims to help you achieve more clarity about yourself and change what are often long-established ways of being. 

I have been doing psychotherapy with diverse clients and issues for over twenty years. I have worked in community mental health, university counseling, and private practice and have taught graduate courses in counseling. My education and training as a counseling psychologist and my clinical experience have shaped me into a therapist who works effectively with many presenting issues. I remain engaged in my own continuing education and believe that is essential to effective practice.

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